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Watch Dia Manual Single Color Pad Printer

Table Style Single Color Watch Dia Manual Pad Printer

Watch Dia Manual Mini Pad Printerjpg.jpg

Product Description:

Steel Plate Size: 45*45/50*50mm

Machine Size: 300*180*400mm

This machine is specially designed for small order Watch Dia Printing Orders.It is small and cheap. Easy to carry.

1.Model #: MRWP-120/120C

2.Max Steel Plate Size:75×100/75×150

3.Max Printing Size:50×60/Dia50

4.Machine Outlining Size:380×460×540

5.Max. Working Height :40mm


7.Condition: New

8. Ink System: Ink Well/Ink Tray or Sealed Oil Cup Design both available.

9. Applicable Area: It can also be used for Electrical Products, Home Appliances, Hardwares, Plastic and Rubber Products,Staioneries and Toys.

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