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Welldon Hot Sale Baby Car Seats

Lately many competitors in the Child and Baby Car Seats industry has presented new and intelligent products seeking to step on the top of the manufacturing and R&D.

As one of the earliest baby car seat manufacturers, thus year, Welldon is becoming more and more stronger to make new items to cultivate market heat. And WD001 is invented to make this happen.

Due to ECE's different regulations, this product was designed to be suitable for both R44 and R129 Regulations.

Child and Baby Car Seat WD001 Physical Pictures

Minimalist Edition:

Pure mechanical structure, no electronic function. The position of the four function indicators on the front of the base is covered with the label.

Practical Edition:

Basing on “Minimalist Edition”, adding ISOFIX illumination, electronic detection of ISOFIX, support legs and seat rotation angle. The four function indicators at the front end of the base sequentially display the ISOFIX right-ISOFIX left-support leg-seat rotation angle state. And red light and audible alarms are given to the abnormal state of the seat during use.

E-Deluxe Edition:

Basing on “Practical Edition”, adding buckle electronic detection function. During the installation process, the seat displays the seat installation status in real time, and when the child is in normal use after the seat, the seat ISOFIX, support legs, buckles, rotation angle and other information are safely monitored, and an abnormal alarm will be issued if something wrong. 

XV CVT flagship Edition:

Basing on “E-Deluxe Edition”, adding temperature monitoring and APP smart connecting, The ISOFIX of the seat, the support legs, the buckle, the state of the seat rotation angle, the temperature of the interior of the car, the power of the seat battery, etc. are transmitted to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone terminal displays in real time, and when the abnormality occurs, the mobile phone end and the seat end simultaneously Call the police. In addition, when the user puts the child in the car and leaves with the mobile phone, the user will be prompted on the mobile phone to prevent the child from being forgotten in the car.

Electronic assistant system :

Through the electronic system, the key position information of the seat is collected, processed and analyzed, and concentrated on the front end of the seat base through the light display, which is convenient for observing the seat installation and use state, and can effectively prompt the user to have safety hazards in use. When the safety seat is abnormal during use, the safety seat will prompt the user with lights and beeps.

Through the electronic system, the key position information of the seat is collected, the analysis is processed, and the seat information is sent to the connected receiving APP client.

When the seat is connected with the APP, if the adult forgets the child in the car, the mobile phone will prompt the user by notification to remind the user that the child is still in the car. (Reminder logic: When the mobile APP is connected to the seat, and the child is installed in the safety seat, the user will leave the Bluetooth signal range of the child safety seat electronic system if the user does not take out the child, and the mobile APP client is in the approximate The child safety seat signal is not searched within 2 minutes, and the user is prompted to have problems with the seat connection, or the child is still in the car. Please pay attention to the car seat to prevent the user from forgetting the child.)

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