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World's First 5G Computer

Lenovo launches the world's first 5G computer, Jia Zhaohui predict it will be selling in the first quarter of next year


At the 2019 Lenovo Technology Innovation Conference, Lenovo Group launched the world's first folding screen laptop ThinkPad X1 and Motorola razr folding screen mobile phone.

Jia Zhaohui, vice president of Lenovo, accepted an interview with the Blue Whale TMT reporter. For the listing time of the first 5G computer, Jia Zhaohui revealed that it is expected to be listed in the first quarter of next year.

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Jia Zhaohui told the Blue Whale TMT reporter that 5G computers mainly have three difficulties, 5G communication technology, system energy optimization design and social applications.

Yang Yuanqing said that the concept of "foldable" opens up a new way of human-computer interaction, which will change the form of equipment that has not changed much in more than a decade, and fully refresh the content of applications and services connected to smart devices.

In the speech, Yang Yuanqing introduced Lenovo's "personal intelligence building" to everyone. He believes that a people-centric intelligent experience begins with smart devices built on smart devices and application services. In the future, the appearance of smart devices, personal data management, inter-device collaboration, and connected applications and services will change dramatically.

Therefore, Lenovo will build around four elements, namely smart device, cross-device engine, home edge server, and app/service Ecosystem. People-oriented smart experience. Yang Yuanqing referred to it as d-e-e-e-P.

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Jia Zhaohui, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, demonstrated Lenovo's layout and breakthroughs around d-e-e-e-P. From the world's first 5G PC to the ever-improving dual-screen PC, from the device collaboration engine Lenovo One, to the first smart home server product Lenovo personal cloud storage, to integrated devices, applications and services.

Yu Hai, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of global SME business, shared Lenovo's innovative practice of focusing on office scenes. The Thinkplus intelligent conference machine was the world's first show at the conference, and demonstrated its intelligence with ThinkVision smart large screen. Meeting solution.

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