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Stock Chest Freezers for Sale

Lately we are facing very tight and heavy production tasks and also there are less containers to load the products due to the domestic prosperity lead by severe Coronavirus situation.

Busy Chest Freezer Production Line.jpg

On one hand is piled orders which has to be postponded to Next April and May, on the other hand the finished products can not be shipped out due to the sea way shipping cost rises drastically and the lack of containers. 

Chest Freezers Lack of Containers.jpgChest Freezer Shipping Cost Rises.jpg

We have certain amount of Chest Freezers which are with our own brands can be sold at lower price if you do not care too much about the brand. If you are a starter of this business, I think we can cooperate on this and then build the brand awareness.

The stock Chest Freezers are manily with smaller capacitues which ranges from 70L to 271L. there are 2000 sets 70L Chest Freezers; 161 sets of 80L Chest Freezers, 2300 sets of 100L Chest Freezers,97 sets of 116L Chest Freezers,500 sets of 131L Chest Freezers, 2500 sets of 157L Chest Freezers,198 sets of 197L Chest Freezers, 476 sets of 227L Chest Freezers and 502 sets of 1271L Chest Freezers.

if you need the specifications of the stock freezers, please click the below file and download it to check on the details.  Chest Freezer in stock.xlsx

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